VEENA- The widely popular music establishment from the land of superlatives, Rajasthan, is committed to develop. preserve and promote the rich tradition of Rajastnani Folk- Music. The music created by "Veena:" is devoid of the commercial string attached to the so called popular music of today and presented in its pure traditional form preserving its rich heritage.

Rajasthani SingerThe endeavor at "Veena" is to appraise music loving public at large about Rajasthani Culture and its common rituals, fairs and festivals. "Veena" is proclaimed to be created with ever increasing popularity of Rajasthani Folk Music. In the last 4 years the company has released about 50 popular albums, out of 4 part of 'Ghoomar' has created a milestone in India as well as abroad. The ever increasing demand for "Veena" creation has prompted the company to start making CD of each cassette and around 40 audio Cds have so far been introduced.

The growing popularity of electronic media specially Doordarshan has resulted in increasing demand for VCDs. "Veena" has initiated shooting films on a very large scale on a vast canvas with the sole objective of promoting Rajasthan's rich traditional and cultural facets. In a very short span of only 1 year "Veena" has launched 10 VCDs and plan to launched another 5-6 VCDs by the end of third quarter of the year 2004 are on anvil. The mission is to introduce more and more people to the rich architectural and culture heritage of Rajasthan. The source of entertainment would also simultaneously bridge in information gap about incredible Rajasthan. Another first to company's credit was the successful running of a teleserial "Baton Baton Mein" in fact the only production in Rajasthani language on Metro Channel of Doordarshan. 'Gorband' being aired on Jaipur Doordarshan has already completed 91 episodes and has set new records of popularity and viewer ship.

Organizing cultural programme to promote and popularise folk music is Veena's forte, which has attracted huge crowd even in mega cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Nagpur, Hydrabad, Surat , Singapore, Aurangabad and On the foundation day of Jodhpur at Umed Bhawan Palace and other places in India in Rajasthan shows were presented at Jaipur ,Kota, Baran, Sikar, Jhunjhanu, Churu and Bundi where 15000 to 50000 people enjoyed the programme till late night at all places, for each of these programmes special light effects and sound effects are put to use with original soundtrack and the programme is presented on Computerized digital sound.

The next target of "Veena" is to attract non-Rajasthani people towards Rajasthani Folk music and songs and thus "Veena" will become ambassador of Rajasthani culture to promote tourism industry in international market.

VEENA - The Melody of Rajasthan

RajasthanIf you though, Rajasthani music is all about choli ke peeche kya hai and Dilli shahar mein mharo ghaghro jo ghoome….you might not have tuned to the music created by "Veena" cassettes. The leading 'Melody-Maker' of Rajasthan has vowed to provide a musical relief to the music aficionados who believe that Rajasthani music starts at vulgarity and ends at double meaning songs.

At the Veena "The company is committed to develop, preserve and promote the rich tradition of Rajasthani Folk music, for that we are promoting youthful voice which can do justice to the colourful folk music of the state.

The Rajasthani album created by the company is in demand not only in rural areas but NRI from Rajasthan living different part of the world are said to begin their day by humming to the tune of Veena Cassettes. Our album "Ghoomar " created a new records as far as selling is concerned we have sold 20 lakh copies of this album till date and its remains hot favorite among the diehard fan of original Rajasthani music.

The album, which paints the real picture of Rajasthan through melody have evoked unprecedented response even in southern part of the county.

If the Ghoomer was the largest selling album Gorband, another melodious journey of Veena Cassettes struck a beautiful note with music lovers "The foot taping beats of this album is a must in every cultural programme and festivals. We have tried to highlight culture and tradition of Rajasthan through songs.

In the last 3 years company has launched more than 25 albums. Latest to hit the stores is Leharion, which has started making musical waves in a short span of time.

The company is not only confined to providing audio delight only. It is endeavoring in video album also and has done it with a great aplomb so far. Incidentally, it is the first music company to produce a successful teleserial in Rajasthani Language. "Baton Baton Mein". lt's another production Gorband is topping the popularity chart with record viewer ship_ The company now envisages to attract non Rajasthani people towards Rajasthani folk music and songs.


Rajasthani DanceTurnover of Audio cassettes / Cd and Vcd in Rajasthan:40 crores approx Veena's share: 40% to 50% New title Release Plan (Annually) 10 title(Cassette/cd/ vcd ) format Dealers Network: Distributors, stockiest and retailer almost every part of India except J &K and Kerla. Product Availability: Middle East countries, U.K., U.S.A., Singapore and Nepal. Future Plan: Attract Non Rajasthani people towards Rajasthani music and songs to popularize as Global music.

To launch digital video Disc for global market.

Produce feature films (VCD) about tourism, pilgrim places, folk musical instruments and heritage culture of Rajasthan thus "Veena" become ambassador of Rajasthani culture to promote tourism in International market. Expansion of Catalogue with devotional and spiritual title with latest technology and highest quality control.

To double the market share company is planning to enter in the field of Hindi, Spiritual music and information videos.

Live show: Organize cultural programme to promote and popularize folk music which has attracted huge crowd even mega cities Chennai, Mumbai DeIhi, Kolkatta, Hydrabad, Nagpur, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Raipur ,Ahmedabad, Surat and entire Rajasthan.

Trade Exhibition: All district Head Quarters of Rajasthan and Ahemdabad, Surat, Bombay, Nagpur, Hydrabad, Kolkatta, Jalgaon, Akola Ahmednagar, Delhi etc.

The Surat Exhibition was organized by Southern Gujrat Chamber of Commerce and Industries. Veena Cassettes stall of Highest visited stall among the 750 other participants including Reliance Infocom, Larsen and trubo, GNFC Hyundai and so many Global brands. Participating India International Trade Fair at Delhi since 1999.

Veena products are accreaded by All India Radio for their 165 stations in the month of May 2004 Veena becomes India's First Music company with Certification. Veena got the Platinum Disc for Highest sale of their album Ghoomar.

Specific Product : We have produced Traditional and rituals marriage songs which are performed all over Rajasthan for centuries. This has almost stopped the recital of Hindi Film Songs in marriage and helps to learn tradition and culture thus preserve in text and music for the centuries, Our marriage songs comprised of three Rajasthani comtempary ladies sangeet and one Hindi album besides one instrumental " Shehnai " Company's main object is to survey research and identify the new artist who can present before music lover audience and most of the artist are from Rajasthan.
Wah Padman Badbhagi " Padmavati Song " [Padmavati Song]
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